Trinity's Disaster Relief Team

Trinity’s Disaster Relief Team (TDRT) was birthed after a neighboring condominium complex suffered a fire that left multiple families homeless.  A team of church members saw the need and banded together to offer those displaced both care and companionship during a time of need.  Through this experience, our community the call to do more–the congregation yearned to have a more intentional response to both local and global disasters.

In response, the Mission Commission created Trinity’s Disaster Relief Team (TDRT) to promote and guide our community’s response to disasters both close to home and around the world.  When it comes to global disasters, the team’s goal is to respond in a time-sensitive manner in order to get help where it is needed most, when it is needed most.  To help facilitate this, TDRT aligns the church’s response to that of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PCUSA’s disaster response team), which is almost always one of the first faith-based organizations to have “boots on the ground” whenever and wherever disaster strikes.  Indeed, the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance’s leadership helps TDRT align our community’s efforts with the global efforts of the denomination, while also providing the team a strong foundation of trustworthy information and means of administering aid.

To serve local disasters, members of TDRT have worked with the Township of East Brunswick and Middlesex County to establish Trinity Presbyterian Church as the East Brunswick Shelter in times of local emergency.   As such, our church building AND TDRT’s committed local disaster relief team members are called upon in times of crises (both weather and non-weather related) to house and feed folks who’ve been displaced from their homes.  To be sure, Trinity is proud and grateful for the multiple commendations it has received from the East Brunswick Mayor in response to our disaster relief ministries.

Ongoing Ministries of Trinity’s Disaster Relief Team

Sponsorship of Kerlens Jn Baptiste Desir – a child from Haiti – through Compassion International.   The DRT will be encouraging church participation in welcoming Kerlens into the church family in any way feasible.

Church World Services (CWS) Gifts of the Heart Kits – through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance:  One kit collection will be done per quarter:

Baby Kits:  Mid October – Mid-December

Cleaning kits:  Mid-January – Mid- March

Hygiene kits:  Mid-April – Mid June

School kits: Mid-July to Mid-September

Immediate Emergency Response:

Emergency donation collections:  Periodic emergency donation collections are held when Presbyterian Disaster Assistance announces an extraordinary need for aid (such as during the devastation of Haiti or the flooding of Pakistan). 


Once PDA has made a call for help, the Pastor will be notified, and an emergency collection will take place the Sunday immediately following the disaster and/or call for help.  The collection will be held for a two-week period (the Sunday immediately following the call for help, as well as the following Sunday).  Specially marked envelopes will be placed in pews for the two Sundays of the collection.  The Pastor will announce the need and collection during morning announcements and a call will be placed to the congregation through e-mail and on the website. Donations can be mailed to the church placed in the collection plates during worship. 


These collections are aimed to serve two purposes:  (1) to give the congregation a means to respond to emergencies personally, knowing their donations are going to a trustworthy source; and (2) as a means for Trinity to respond as a family to needs across the world.


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