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                                                        "and in the middle of the garden, He set the Tree of Life....."  
                                                                                                                              Genesis 2:9


The Centennial Tree of Life and Endowment Fund is an outgrowth of Trinity's 100th Anniversary celebration in 1994. We were most fortunate to be able to acquire this magnificent sculpture as a commemorative of our centennial. This original artwork not only decorates upper Kern Hall, but serves as a visual and lasting tribute to the joyous and  and happy events in the lives of Trinity's members and friends.


All donations fund an endowment from which the income generated is available for special

or priority capital projects at Trinity that result in either the enhancement of our worship, the beautification of our church, or expansion of the sculpture. It specifically excludes the use of the fund’s principal or income for any operating or maintenance expense that may arise. Gifts are recognized by placing an engraved inscription plate on the Tree of Life.


 The leaves, stones, or apples available on the Tree are purchased by church members (plus the cost of engraving the individual leaf, stone, or apple) to commemorate important events in the lives of Trinity members, while the member is still alive.


The Tree of Life Endowment Fund is administrated by the Interpretation & Stewardship (I&S) Committee, subject to Session review and approval.



  • Use the “Tree of Life Order Form" (IS-03a) to purchase a leaf, stone, or apple. Forms are available in the church office from the administrative assistant, in the rack under the Tree of Life sculpture, or on the Trinity’s website. Available options are $150 for a leaf, $500 for an apple, or $750 for a stone.

Tree of Life Order Form

  • Complete the form; please print very clearly, especially in the section. You will be contacted by the Church Secretary or Engraving Coordinator if there are any questions about what is sent.

  • The donor will be notified of the total cost of the leaf/stone/apple, including engraving, by Church Secretary.

  • Payment to Trinity Presbyterian Church for the total amount is expected before the engraving is done; please indicate “Tree of Life" on both the check and envelope and put in the collection plate, give to the Church Secretary, or mail to Trinity Presbyterian Church, 367 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816.








Please contact the I & S Chair, Bob Carson at with any questions or assistance in completing the donation request form.


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