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Small Group Ministry


In short, Small Groups are all about discipleship.  More than that, Small Groups are safe places to share a passion, explore an interest, serve a mission, or simply celebrate life, while also exploring more about yourself and your relationship with God.

As you’ll see if you read a bit further, Small Groups are all temporary in nature, meaning that you can sign up for a group without committing years of your life away.  You can also be sure that, if you’re signing up for a Small Group for the first time, so, too, will others in your group!

Small Groups ministry is not about being an expert in anything, but simply about wanting to do something of interest with others who share that interest or calling.  It’s simple!  It’s fun!  And it’s incredibly meaningful!


Small Groups vary greatly from one group to the next.  In fact, there’s an almost endless variety of what a Small Group can be, as various groups will serve to meet the calls and needs of different folks at different points and places in their lives.  However, all Small Groups fall into one of three types:

Mission Groups involve participants in activities with a specific purpose of outreach and ministry.  These groups are for people who are aware of their gifts and have discerned a call to use them in a specific way.  These groups also help provide partnerships to fulfill mutual callings with similarly gifted and motivated people.

Fellowship Groups focus on sharing an activity of common interest or enthusiasm with others who share that interest or enthusiasm.  These groups are wonderful ways for everyone to get to know one another and learn more about themselves. 

In Discernment & Discovery Groups, participants will learn more about their gifts, beliefs, values, needs, and their personal connection with God, while also listening for their callings to use their gifts in ways that benefit others.

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