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Board of Deacons

Trinity is blessed by a tremendously active Board of Deacons. 


Made up of 15 loving and compassionate caregivers, the board ministers to the congregation as a whole, wherever there is special need. They reach out to members who are sick, grieving, or in simple need of a loving touch. They also offer an amazing ministry of hospitality, assisting with serving communion and ushering, and hosting coffee fellowship after worship each week. The Congregation gives a special offering for the deacons' work. 


Deacons host an annual Santa's Breakfast, with the arrival of Santa himself! After breakfast, families enjoy face painting and a magic show from our dear friends at Jamesburg Presbyterian Church.

The deacons also host an Easter Egg Hunt between the two Easter worship services.


Divided into classes of five and elected for a term of three years, deacons meet on the third Monday of each month.



Service to Members

     Minister to those in need, including those struggling with

  1.  Financial Hardship

    • Provide money for those in financial need (using Deacons’ fund)

    • Provide relief for those struggling to meet daily needs

  2. Illness

    • Visit those in hospitals and rehab centers

    • Ministry of Presence

  3. Grief

    • Offer comfort and prayer

    • Ministry of Presence


Deacons fulfill the ministries listed above primarily through caring for those on their “Carelist”

  1. Carelists assign approximately 10-12 families per deacon

    • Deacons are asked to make regular communication (at least four times per year) with individuals/families on their Carelist

    • Pray for those on their Carelist who are suffering loss or need.

    • Offer occasional visits to the hospitalized or homebound members in Carelist

    • Communicate needs and issues with the church office and the pastor

  2. Coffee Fellowship Time Following worship

    • Host a time of hospitality and friendship for worshippers to grow closer together amid the warmth and care of their church community.

    • Seek and welcome strangers and visitors to worship and Coffee Fellowship

  3. Additional and only occasional service (voluntary—not required)

    • Provide transportation for those who either do not have access to a car, or who are physically incapable of driving or walking due to an injury/illness to:

    • church

    • doctor’s office, clinics, etc.

    • Deliver flowers or meals to the sick or recovering

    • May assist in serving Communion (not required)

    • Participate in the Extended Serving of Communion to homebound parishioners


Budget for the Board of Deacons

  • Deacon monies stem from donations. Expenditures depend entirely upon moneys received from Deacon collection envelopes (Communion Sunday), the proceeds from the Sunday Coffee Hour, and other donations.



  • Most Commissions of Session include a Deacon representative, but not necessarily for every deacon also serves on a commission.

  • Commissions with deacon representatives include:

    • Mission & Outreach

    • Worship

    • Adult Christian Education

    • Children, Youth, & Family Ministries

    • Interpretation & Stewardship

    • Membership & Discipleship

    • Property & Finance

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