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We are asking for your feedback!

Any feedback at all about Trinity. Feedback can be provided in the form of email, phone call, or letter – whatever works for you. We are interested in any and all types of feedback as well – positive experiences, challenges, things that concern you . . . anything.

The feedback is confidential in that only members of the team will receive your feedback, and your name will be shared only with your approval. Team members may share your feedback with each other, the pastor or Session, if that is appropriate. Once received, your message will be acknowledged within 24 hours. Depending on the situation, someone on the team may reach out to you for clarification or further discussion.

Here are the active members of the team and their contact information:

Sharon Reilly-Marosy – 732-947-6132

Melissa Daniel – 732-545-5361

Dick Greenlaw – 732-690-6918

Barbara DeCarlo – 732-698-7464

Paula Riepl – 732-241-3119


How do you access the Member Outreach Response Team?


Your options:

1.     Send an email to: (only active team members will receive the email) or,

2.     Call any of the team members directly (contact information above) or,

3.     Send a letter to the church office directed to Trinity Member Outreach Team (it will be opened only by a team member)


This feedback opportunity does not replace the reporting of any pastoral or urgent needs, illness prayer requests, deaths, hospitalizations, etc. That should still continue to be communicated through the church office or directly to Pastor David Cotton, or your Deacon.

Member Feedback

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