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Planned Giving

Continuing the Legacy


Those of us who know and love Trinity Presbyterian Church have an opportunity to help serve its special spiritual mission for future generations. Planned Giving options are designed to help Trinity Church meet its outreach and mission initiatives, preserve the church building, and endow the future for the benefit of those who follow us. Through Planned Giving, you can help yourself, your church, and future generations. At the same time you may also receive favorable tax benefits.

We offer these choices to help parishioners and friends of Trinity Church invest in its future and learn how to maximize the value of their financial commitment to the church. 

All gifts for the future of Trinity Church are welcome regardless of form or size and are deeply appreciated, as are continuing gifts and pledges to the Annual Fund. We encourage you to discuss your plans and wishes in confidence.

You should always consult your financial advisor, accountant, or lawyer before making any donations of property, appreciated securities, or a substantial amount of cash.

Ways to Give

Gifts of Cash

The simplest way you can contribute to Trinity Presbyterian Church (Trinity) is to make an outright gift of cash, the full amount of which may qualify as an income tax deduction.


Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Giving long-term appreciated securities to Trinity provides two income tax benefits: no capital gains tax is imposed on the appreciated portion of the gift, and you may claim an income tax charitable deduction based on the stock’s fair market value at the time the gift is made. Because you can avoid the capital gains tax, it is always more advantageous to contribute appreciated securities directly rather than selling the securities and donating the proceeds.

Deferred Ways to Give



You are encouraged to include a bequest gift to Trinity in your will. This can be a percentage or a specific portion of your estate. You can also designate Trinity as the beneficiary of your IRA or a portion of your IRA.


Gifts of Life Insurance

An insurance policy may be an attractive asset to designate as a gift to Trinity. Contributing ownership of a fully paid-up life insurance policy can enable you to make a larger gift and obtain favorable tax benefits. It is also possible to use a current life insurance policy to make a gift to Trinity.


Next Steps

Contact the church office to discuss options for giving.

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