FISH Hospitality Program, part of Family Promise (also known as Interfaith Hospitality Network), seeks to provides temporary housing to the situationally homeless of our area through affiliations with local churches.  While situating the families in safe, caring environments to sleep, eat, and fellowship, FISH further provides assistance to families in their pursuit of sustainable housing and employment by offering adults career counseling from a Social Worker, and help in establishing a financial plan for their future. While in the FISH Hospitality Program, guests are housed, for a week at a time, in local churches.

Trinity is proud and grateful to serve as a host church for FISH Hospitality.  As such, between 6 p.m. – 6 a.m., church volunteers work to offer FISH guests a comfortable place to sleep, tasty and nourishing food to eat, and respectful, loving companions with which to fellowship.  To be sure, whether cooking, sleeping over, sharing time with guests, or praying, the trans-formative power of love is always present in FISH.

Trinity hosts FISH Hospitality 3 times a year, for a week at a time. The dates in 2020 will be February 9-16, June 7-14, and September 20-27.  Contact Debbie Chen at or David O’Halloran at for more information.

Find out more about FISH at:


367 Cranbury Road | East Brunswick, NJ 08816


(732) 257-6636


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