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About eight years ago, Trinity birthed a committee called “Trinity’s Earth Shepherds,” or TES. TES has worked hard to help Trinity and its members grow in our ability to care for God’s creation. We’ve approached this in many ways, including: sponsoring and offering Interfaith Conferences on Caring for God’s Creation; hosting Electronics Recycling Days and an Interfaith Environmental Film Festival; holding Energy Audits; and making many environmentally focused enhancements to our facility. Trinity was the first church to be certified as a “GreenFaith Sanctuary” by GreenFaith.


The GreenFaith Certification Program is the world’s first comprehensive, interfaith environmental certification program. Over multiple years, participating institutions carry out initiatives to integrate environmental themes into their worship services, religious education, facility maintenance and social outreach. In recognition of their accomplishments, these institutions earn certification as a GreenFaith Sanctuary.


Trinity also developed a “Green Team” comprised of TES members, Session committee chairs, our Board of Deacons moderator, our Clerk of Session and the Pastor to guide the church on this journey. While the certification process wasn’t always easy, it has been incredibly worthwhile as it guided our entire community of faith in carrying out:

  • Religious Education programs for all ages

  • A host of “green” facility management activities related to energy, food, water, waste, toxins, grounds maintenance and transportation

  • Education to help our members “green” their consumption habits

  • Environmental justice education and advocacy

  • Collaboration with environmental groups and other houses of worship

PC(USA) Earth Care Congregation

Trinity has also earned the distinction of becoming a PC (USA) Earth Care Congregation, which recognizes the significant, stringent and meaningful measures our community of faith have taken in our environmental stewardship. We are proud to note that, upon receiving this certification, Trinity was one of only 13 congregations nationally to have earned this distinction and the only congregation in New Jersey.

We are also very grateful for the gardens that bless our back lot. 

They include a Nationally Certified Wildlife Habitat for butterflies and a community garden.







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