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I am the bread of life.
John 6:35


The Lord’s Supper is the sign and seal of eating and drinking in communion with the crucified and risen Lord.
In this act, we remember that during his earthly ministry, Jesus shared meals with his followers and sat at dinner tables as a sign of acceptance of the sinner and the outcast.


In the act of remembering that is the Lord’s Supper, we

receive and trust the love of Christ present to us and to the

world. Through it, we are renewed and empowered to be the church, the body of Christ, in the world.

We join in communion with Christ and with all who belong to Christ. Reconciliation with Christ compels reconciliation with one another. All are welcomed to the Table, and none shall be excluded because of race, sex, age, economic status, social class, handicapping condition, difference of culture or language, or any barrier created by human injustice.  (§W-2.4006)

Communion is celebrated during worship the first Sunday of every month, as well as Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday.

Trinity provides home communion for anyone who is not physically able (homebound) to attend church. Please call the church office at (732) 257 6636 to request home communion. 

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