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Children in Church

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Parents will notice that Trinity’s Sunday School hour does not coincide with our worship hour. This is very intentional at Trinity, as we believe that children are an intimate part of our community of faith, welcome in every part of church life. What’s more, we believe it is important for us all–adults and children alike–to both study the story of God’s love for us in Scripture through Sunday school (and adult education opportunities) and to worship God fully. As such, we believe children need worship, so that they can learn and explore and experience the breadth and depth of their faith.
There is a Children's Nook in the narthex for restless children.  There they'll find a variety of Bible stories and Children's Bibles as well as Biblically-based arts and crafts.  They are welcome to bring the books into the sanctuary with them during worship, we just ask that the books be returned to the bookshelf when they are done.  There are also Children's worship bags available in the there with a variety of activities to keep your child engaged and occupied.  
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