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Annual Stewardship 2023



A family of faith sharing Christ’s     

love, ministering to human and

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September 2022


Dear Trinity community:


Please consider this scripture reading (Luke 21: 1-4)


He (Jesus) looked up and saw rich people putting their gifts into the treasury; he also saw a poor widow put in two small copper coins.   He said “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all of them, for all of them have contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in all she has to live on.”


Like many of us who may have heard this reading before, I usually thought that this reading from Jesus’ time was a noble thought, but not realistic in today’s world economy.   C’mon, how can any of us think about giving everything we have to God’s church?    We have so many other financial obligations that support what we “must” have just to survive -  food, clothing, housing, and transportation.   And if we have been blessed with children or other dependents, who cannot work or generate income, we need to provide for their needs as well from our finances.


And yet, Trinity has a model for the poor widow, in our midst.   Hopefully, many of us still remember our church brother, Stewart Meyers, who worshipped with us and joined us in fellowship at many coffee hours and other events in the church’s life.   If you knew Stewart, you knew that he lived a humble life in a small house in East Brunswick that he shared with his mother, Doris, until she passed away.   Stewart had a modest job with a sports collectible company for many years, and when he was with our Trinity family, he enjoyed talking about his love of astronomy and Star Trek conventions, among other things.   He also had an amazing mind full of many lesser-known facts and a quiet, witty sense of humor.   Stewart also loved his Trinity family and I know this because he told a few of us that on numerous occasions.  There were many times at the end of a church event when we might have some snacks or other food left over that we would ask Stewart “Stewart, would you like to take a few leftovers home with you for later?” and I think we sensed that Stewart might have skipped a meal sometime that day just to make ends meet.   Stewart would humbly say, if not too many others were around, “I could do that (take a few leftovers), if there is something left” Stewart also helped out with a number of Trinity’s ministries, such as talking to a youth group about telescopes, and, when asked if he could help with other church groups, he always helped out with his mind and body as best he could.    When Stewart died fairly young from a cancer-related illness a few years ago, his will stipulated that everything he had would be given to Trinity to be used for anything the church wanted to use it for, without any strings attached or any type of designation.   The proceeds from Stewart’s estate totaled several hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the church’s leadership has put these monies in a special fund.     Based on prayer and discernment by the church’s Session, how this fund will be used in the future is still part of a strategic planning and missional process that is still underway.  As Jesus said in this scripture from Luke’s gospel, truly I tell you that Stewart has put in more than most of us by putting in all he had.   Stewart is an example for all of us, and, while it is difficult to understand how this is possible, it is clear to me that God was at work with and in Stewart.   All things are possible with God.


Our church is at a crossroads and what God leads us to do as a family of faithful Christians in the next few years will be extremely important.  It is imperative that we continue to listen to God’s voice in directing our church.  We must look for ways to do what God wants us to do in order to move our church to a new missional direction in advancing God’s kingdom in the community around us.    We are all the hands and feet and voices of God in this unsettled and chaotic world.  Many within and around our community are searching for a purpose for their lives as well as opportunities for spiritual growth with a faith in God.   Let us work together to let the community know who we are and also make Trinity a place of refuge where all who pass through our doors find peace, acceptance and a strong family of faith.  


I personally want to thank God along with Trinity’s family for continuing to provide the financial support needed through the challenging times of a pandemic as well as social and economic uncertainty.   At a time when many churches around us have struggled financially or have been forced to close their churches, God is doing something with Trinity and working through our members.    God provided Stewart Meyers’ financial gifts as well as $100,000 from an anonymous Trinity giver, to keep our church’s finances strong while we search for new pastoral leadership as well as discern our strategic mission for the next few years.   I hope you will take a look at the new updated Mission Study that our Session just completed, which is posted on our Trinity website, since it provides a plan for our church to move forward in faith in a rapidly changing world around us. 


On behalf of Trinity Presbyterian Church, I would ask that you give serious thought and prayer to God’s gifts to you and how you can participate through your financial stewardship in 2023.    We would ask that you consider making a financial commitment to Trinity for 2023 by completing a pledge card or by pledging on-line through a secure link "2023 Pledge Form" below . God is calling each of us to faithfully give back some portion of our treasure to the church’s mission and ministries. Help us to listen for God’s call to each of us and to respond appropriately; let Stewart Meyer’s example of financial stewardship also show us what is possible through God. 




We would appreciate your prayerful thought over the coming weeks so that we can try to receive 2023 financial commitments from Trinity’s family by November 19, 2022. If you have any questions or comments regarding your financial stewardship, please contact me at (732) 214-1102 or


                                                Yours in Christ,


                                                Bob Carson, Chairperson

                                                Interpretation & Stewardship Committee


367 Cranbury Rd. East Brunswick, NJ 08816  |  732.257.6636  |




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