Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement (the overarching goal behind all we endeavor)

 Growing disciples of Christ who know God, love God, and serve God.

Vision Statement (who we are striving to become)

A family of faith, built on rich, evolving traditions, who grows along the path of discipleship through worship, play, service, education, and prayer, ever-deepening our relationships with God and each other.

A family of faith—Trinity is blessed with intimate bonds among members who take seriously the call to genuinely love and serve one another, while also intentionally opening arms and doors that all will feel welcome and encouraged to join this family.

Built upon rich, evolving traditions—Trinity cherishes the foundation of faith upon which our community has been built.  Yet, we have also long taken to heart one of the essentials of our Reformed faith— growth in our relationship with God and growth within our relationships with each other.  As a result, we find value in our traditions while also intentionally remaining open to the Spirit’s leading as we follow the Spirit along the path of discipleship.

Worship—For Trinity, this path of discipleship includes specific emphasis upon worship, which seeks to explore the truth of God’s love and an experience of it.  We find particular value not only in words but also in music, which glorifies God in ways words, many times, cannot.

Play—Whether large or small gatherings, fellowship plays a central role in growing our familial relations and connecting us all as members of Christ’s body.

Service—Among the responsibilities of discipleship that Trinity takes most seriously is service. Trinity not only gives significant portions of its resources to those in need, but also strongly values hands-on mission service, finding that the greatest blessing stems from being a blessing.

Education—No growth is possible without studying God’s word as we discern God’s will and way for our lives.  Christian education for all ages is highly prioritized, as both children and adults seek to grow in both understanding and appreciation of all the blessings and responsibilities faith imparts.

Prayer—We take to heart that growing closer to God requires an intimate devotional life.  Through prayer, we not only bring our needs and yearnings before the Lord, but also seek to make ourselves open for God’s will to be done in and through us as we seek to be God’s people.