How Our Church is Structured

Don’t like hierarchies or edicts from on high?  Neither do we.

Value connections and community that make it possible to do, learn, give, receive, see more?  That’s us.

Presbyterians value being connected to each other (throughout the nation and in our local areas), while also largely being free to govern our churches for ourselves.  Here’s a quick glance at the way Trinity is structured:

The governing body of Trinity Presbyterian Church is the Session, composed of the Pastor, the Clerk of Session, the DCYFM, and 12 Elders elected from the church membership by the congregation for three-year terms.

The Session gathers every second Monday of the month at 7:30 in the Deacons Room to explore and tend to the vision and ministries of the church.

The Session carries out its vision through commissions that focus upon a specific area of ministry.  These commissions carry the authority of Session to implement their specific area of ministry in creative, transformative ways, and are open to any member of the congregation who feels particularly called to that area of ministry.

Here’s a quick glimpse of Session’s eight commissions as currently constructed: 

Children, Youth, & Family Ministries is responsible for the ongoing educational and spiritual formation of Trinity’s children, youth, and their parents.  This commission nurtures Trinity’s exciting and growing Sunday school program, Trinity’s nursery and the new Children’s Worship Center.  This group also works to lead Vacation Bible School, Confirmation,  and our growing Youth Ministry. 

Adult Christian Education visions and implements creative opportunities for adult spiritual formation.  These include two simultaneous Sunday morning tracks—Faith & Life and Bible Basics—as well as formational small groups throughout the year. 

Interpretation and Stewardship works hard to interpret the joy to be found in giving of ourselves in faithful service to the Lord.  Indeed, we believe we cannot fully love the Lord without experiencing the joy to be found in serving God. 

Membership and Discipleship is charged with promoting the life and growth of our members and visitors along the path of discipleship. M&D is also blessed with the charge to help Trinity extend the transformational grace to the community at large.

Mission serves people in need outside the church fellowship through both hands-on activities and stewardship over moneys contributed for mission work.  

Personnel and Administration is responsible for the effective administration of the church offices and support of church staff.  

Property and Finance is responsible for maintaining the church building and grounds, and maintaining church fiscal records and memorial funds.

Worship and Spiritual Life is responsible for all worship services, the music program, and the overall spiritual life of the congregation.

Trinity is blessed by a tremendously active Board of Deacons.  Made up of 15 loving and compassionate caregivers, the board ministers to the congregation as a whole, wherever there is special need. They reach out to members who are sick, grieving, or in simple need of a loving touch.  They also offer an amazing ministry of hospitality, serving as ushers for church services, and hosting Trinity’s Coffee Hour after worship each week.  The Congregation gives a special offering for the Deacons’ work.  The Board of Deacons gathers every third Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Deacons’ Room.