Who We Are

Garden_Dedication…And Who We’re Becoming

Like many church communities, Trinity’s community of faith is filled with folks and families who gather to grow in faith, hope, and love.

Unlike many church communities, however, Trinity prefers not to identify ourselves by who we are, as much as we like to identify ourselves by who we’re becoming.  Words like growth (personal and communal), evolving, call, discipleship, formation, and missional all point to the reality that we’re on a journey of growing closer to God, and who we believe God is calling us to be.  So we know we’re not there yet.  In fact, as Reformed Christians (those who believe the church must always be reforming as it seeks to grow ever-closer to God), we know we’re never fully “there.”  So we share up front that not one of us has our act perfectly together; nor do any of us have all the answers.  You don’t need to, either.  At Trinity, we all still have quite a bit of learning, growing, and serving to do as we come to discover more and more of who and whose we really are.  And we think that’s a good thing!

Because of this, we take to heart opportunities to grow in our understanding of who God is, and the grace with which God blesses us!  In fact, Trinity’s spiritual formation program for all ages (nursery through adult), as well as our ever-evolving Small Group ministries, have both grown significantly in the past few years as a reflection of this.

Yet, we also know that our service to God must reflect the faith and love we explore.  At Trinity, we do this in numerous ways and are always looking for more!  Among our many communal missional endeavors—including serving at local soup kitchens, national and international mission trips, homeless ministries and more—we feel a very special call to environmental stewardship, and have recently covenanted to Care for Creation.  Indeed, we are GreenFaith certified Green Sanctuary and a PCUSA certified Earth Care Congregation; and we’re proud to be a local leader in central NJ among communities going green.

Still, all of the above is really just a small part of who we are (and trying to become).  We invite you to explore this website further to get a fuller taste.  Or, better yet, we’d love the opportunity to welcome you to a worship service—or any other even in Trinity’s communal life.

All are truly welcome…  Just.  As.  You.  Are.