Sunday School

During the Sunday School Hours, we offer a class especially for Toddlers. Children 18 months to 3 years are invited to join this class that meets on the far side of our nursery. The children engage in Bible stories , songs, art, games and free play.

Parents certainly notice that Trinity’s Sunday school hour does not coincide with our worship hour. This is very intentional at Trinity, as we believe that children are an intimate part of our community of faith, welcome in every part of church life. What’s more, we believe it is important for us all–adults and children alike–to both study the story of God’s love for us in Scripture through Sunday school (and adult education opportunities) and to worship God fully. As such, we believe children need worship, so that they can learn and explore and experience the breadth and depth of their faith.

However, we also know that a full hour of “traditional” worship may not be desirable for our young children, who benefit from worship that is intentionally geared to their developmental abilities. As such, Trinity proudly offers Children’s Church for children through and including the first grade.

On Sunday morning at worship time, children begin worship sitting with their parents in the pews. Then, after the Children’s Message (in which all the children are invited up for a special message just for them during the regular worship service), the children are welcome to either return to the pews with their grown-ups or exit the sanctuary to attend Children’s Church.

In Children’s Church, children worship God through creative listening and hands-on activities which are geared to not only help children grow closer to God, but also to help them develop an appreciation for expressing their love of God and God’s love for them.